Kim & Richard’s Wedding at Manor Hill House, Bromsgrove

Kim and Richard chose the beautiful Manor Hill House in Bromsgrove for their wedding day which we were fortunate enough to capture for them.

It was a lovely wedding from start to finish with great weather and a fantastic relaxed feel throughout, even resulting in moving The Speeches from inside to outside on the balcony. The layout of Manor Hill House is great because while it is a good size wedding venue it’s not so big that you can’t get around it easily enough to capture all the guests that inevitably end up spreading out throughout the house and grounds during the day.

Upon arrival and pretty much all day Manor Hill House’s own horse ‘Jack’ met and greeted the wedding guests which resulted in an, unfortunately failed attempt, at a ‘horse selfie’ by one of the guests. The selfie failed basically because whenever the guest got near, Jack decided that his button hole looked delicious and would attempt to take a bite of it.

Kim, as you can see from the photographs looked beautiful as one of the smiliest brides we’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph, we genuinely can’t see a photo where she’s not got a big smile on her face, clearly enjoying every moment of her special day.

As you approach Manor Hill House you can see that it’s got stables and the gardens at the front which make for some great group photos and a small field to the side of it however what you can’t see is a big corn field at the back of the house which makes for perfect secluded, natural wedding photographs of the bride and groom, especially when the sky is just nicely overcast (you have to talk extra nice to the weather gods for that).

When the sun began to set the music came to life and the dance floor filled quickly with everyone having fun. After first dance we’d been let in on a secret that was coming up for the guests a bit later and so while everyone showed off their best dance moves we waited patiently for a very special guest …. a Michael Jackson tribute act. A brilliant surprise for everyone and, as you can see from the photos, he certainly had the moves like Jagger Jackson.

Congratulations to Kim & Richard on your fantastic wedding at Manor Hill House in Bromsgrove and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!