Why I Love Photographing Weddings

Ok prepare yourselves, this is another ask yourself question and answer it yourself type of posts but it’s something I’m asked and ask myself often, why do I photograph weddings?

Well this is a tough question really because genuinely a day or two before every wedding I photograph I get very nervous, even on the day I’m nervous thinking equipment will fail, I will forget all the camera settings, the camera will explode, you name it I’m worrying about it, so why put myself through it? because I love it, in spite of this.

The day itself is wall to wall smiles and tears (happy tears, the good kind!), a complete daydream of a perfect day that’s been ticking over and planning in the couple’s heads since they announced the engagement. It’s a day where everyone puts aside work problems, money issues and everything else going on in their individual lives and just enjoys spending the day with the happy couple. It’s Uncle Bob making an inappropriate joke, little Tom stealing the bouquet, Adam the groom tearing up as he sees his new bride and more. Weddings are the epicentre of emotions and it’s my absolute pleasure to capture each and every one of these in wedding photographs that the happy couple will look back on for years to come.

I’m often asked what’s the best part of wedding photography and being a wedding photographer? and I think as strange as this may sound it’s the look back after the day. At home at the end of the day, usually a cold beer in hand and I’m backing up the wedding photographs and I scan through them to see how they look and I can just see how happy people are. Being a reportage wedding photographer i’ve also often caught some unexpected moments that the bride and groom didn’t even see but they now have to look at because as the wedding photographer I was there to sit in the background like a fly on the wall and capture it for them.

Really ultimately it boils down to a desire to stop time in my camera and give my clients a set of photos that tell the story of their wedding day and remind them of their happiest day for the rest of their lives.